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I was absolutely delighted with the job that Ray did on my interior finish work! He even vacuumed my entry and trimmed an over-grown shrub on his way out the door! Bravo, CPM! Read More..

Snow and Ice Services - Tri-Cities
Winters in the Northwest can be particularly harsh and long, with temperatures dipping into the negatives and snow piling up in your lots or driveways, conditions can become dangerous and stressful, but here at Columbia Property Management we hope to remove some of the stress and all of the danger from the situation. 

CPM offers a wide variety of competent solutions for snow and ice removal from your home or business, and will work with you to set up an optimal schedule that will remove the uncertainty from your winter and allow you to focus on other pressing matters. 

CPM snow and ice removal services include but are not limited to: plowing and de-icing of sidewalks and parking lots, off-site snow removal to enhance parking, rooftop snow removal, and prompt and organized response to emergency situations. We’ll make sure that the least of your worries is whether you’ll have access to your home, or customers have safe and easy access to your business during or after storms. 

Our knowledgeable staff are quick to respond, efficient and will work to seamlessly integrate our services into your schedule. Mother nature doesn’t work around your schedule, so we will.